Cayman Race Car (SPC)

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Halton Hills
$ 59,500.00

Cash or trade for 997 Cup

PCA log book, turn-key race car; get the car, go race... or DE with all the safety equipment.

Spec Cayman (SPC) is a fairly new PCA race class that is turning out to be quite popular. It was introduced 3 year ago and already has some of the biggest fields at PCA club races.

The main purpose of a "Spec" race class is to contain costs; you can't spend your way to the front.

Some highlights (detailed build sheet available):

- 2007
- 50,000'ish km (30,000 miles) on car, engine and transmission
- 3 sets of wheels (includes new set of Pirelli rains)
- No accidents, ever

- Full SPC suspension package (JRZ, Tarett, sway bars, monoballs throughout)
- Porsche OEM Cup forged 2-piece lower control arms
- CAE shifter and cables
- IMS direct oil feed system
- 160 degree F thermostat
- Porsche Motorsports air/oil separator
- Mantis deep sump
- Center radiator
- Under-drive pulley
- Fabspeed exhaust
- Semi-solid engine and transmission mounts
- Aasco light weight flywheel
- Bully clutch and flywheel
- OS Giken limited slip differential
- H & R wheel studs
- Upgraded brake master and booster per PCA regs (997 GT3, 996 turbo)
- Olsen Motorsports brake ducts

- Cool Shirt system
- OMP fire suppression system
- Cartek electronic kill switch
- Schroth nets and belts in date
- Lexan windshield