Carrera Wheels and tires

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$ 1,999.00

Carrera wheels and tires originally bought for winter use. However my OCD kicked in and the car spent the winters indoors instead.

They were mounted every fall and rested on Tire Cradles in the garage until spring. So the mileage could be 1000 to 2000 kms, no winter driving.
Tires are Perelli Sottozero Winter W240.
The specs are: Front rims are 8" Tires are: 235 / 40 x 18 ET 57 Part number 997.362.136.00
Rear rims are 11" Tires are: 295 / 35 x 18 ET 51 Part number 997.362.142.00
They were on a 20089 997.2 wide body C4. Asking $1999 or best offer for the package.