968 Parts for Sale

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Buy a part or buy it all, everything must go, clearing out over 90 parts from a 1992 968. Car was stripped of all interior parts and non-essential parts to create a full-time race car. Parts available include all Interior trim, Dash cluster, Door panels, Carpets, Rear seats. Glove box, Passenger Air Bag & Control, EVO2Plus (wider race seat) racing seat, 2 sets of racing 5-point harness, Standard seat belts, Headlights with hardware, Front fog lights, Front turn signal lights, Windscreen washer system, Interior electronic parts, Heater Parts, Hand Brake, Speakers, Panasonic Radio, Sunroof parts, Windows, interior door hardware, Central Lock Control and various wire harnesses etc. Make an offer.

Email to get the complete list pricing. All trim parts are black. Pictures of individual items available on request. Attached are just a few of the key pictures.

Every thing must go to make room for the next project.

Parts can be picked up in Oshawa or shipped.

Contact Eric at 647-621-1736 or email eric7schn@hotmail.com