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$ 7,000.00

New set of High-Butterfly Injection stacks. I purchased these for myself when I was last in Germany. They are made in Munich and are made of aluminum with a black anodized coating. They are 25.5cm/10 inch tall with a throat size of 45mm.
These will working on anything from 3.0-3.8ltr engine size if you are using a high compression ratio and or a hi-lift camshaft. I do not recommend these on anything under 3.0ltr. They come as a set with a selection of parts for the install. They are of very high quality, some small parts may need to be modified to fit your particular engine. There are no air filters though a removable baseplate is provided if you need a shop to fabricate a set.. Call or email for more info. No need to pay tax on these as they are from my own collection.