Delectation and Driving 2013


First Winter Fun Run
By Jill Clements-Baartman, UCR member

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Delectable chocolate creations, sips of fine wines, great company and the purr of our Porsche Cayenne. Who could ask for anything more on a chilly February day? Yes, February!

IMG_7508aSteven Revoy organized UCR’s first annual Winter Fun Run – Days of Wine and Chocolate at Niagara-on-the-Lake. Our tour began with a tasting at the Niagara College Teaching Winery. The students delighted us with a light and lively rosé, paired with chocolate sushi at their outdoor ice bar. The designated drivers enjoyed a flavourful fruity spritzer.

After sampling the College’s ice wine, we set out for our six hour winter winery tour. We paused at the Ravine Winery
for an haute cuisine lunch in their cozy country restaurant overlooking the snowy wind-swept vineyard. The easy flow of the afternoon took us to many other wineries where we chatted with the staff, learned about ice wines and late harvest wines, coopering (making the oak wine barrels), and delighted our taste buds with creative chocolate accompaniments.

As the day drew to a close, Eddie and Enza Schincariol, who had thought about bringing their 911, were pleased that they had their Mercedes SUV because the winter weather had started to roll in off of the lake. The choppy, slushy waves were a stark reminder of why we love to drive our SUVs, with heated seats, heated steering wheels and all-wheel drive in the winter, as well as with the windows open and the A/C on sultry August days at DE track events.

If you are longing to shake off the winter blues, join us next year.

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