Design Edition

I purchased my 2008 Porsche Design Edition Boxster at the end of 2017 after returning from a road trip in Germany to visit family of my partner Renate Weidner. Renate is a long-time UCR member and DE participant and she was very encouraging about me getting a car for DE.

I did the Introductory Driving School (IDS) in 2018 and attended DE events at CTMP with UCR, Circuit Tremblant and Watkins Glen. We did DE in 2019 again at CTMP and Watkins Glen. Unfortunately, I was unable to participate in 2020 as I am in yellow, so I am very much looking forward to 2021, having signed up for several events at CTMP and one at Calabogie. I plan on making up for missing 2020 so I hope everything goes well this summer.

This car is my daily driver in the summer and I love top-down driving. I’ve had a couple of convertibles (Mazda Miata and Mercedes 450SL) but have always wanted a Porsche. The car had about 27,000 kilometres when I bought it and now has over 61,000 so I use it a lot. — Brian Miller

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