Discovering Toronto’s Roads: Pfaff GTA Urban Circuit Ramble

toronto-streetsStory by Laurance Yap, Pfaff Motors Photo by Randy Gananathan Provinz Editor (from October 2016 Provinz page 36)

Throughout the summer, better known as “driving season” for sports-car fanatics, PCA hosts numerous driving events in the form of a “Fun Run” or Ramble. On Sunday, August 21st, a group of Porsche enthusiasts from Upper Canada Region, joined Pfaff Porsche in our first-ever Urban Ramble.

It was, purposefully, a different kind of drive than the usual picturesque, winding country-road jaunt, taking a relaxed route around the Greater Toronto Area, using some of our 400 series highways, some urban Toronto streets, and a few choice on- and off-ramps to demonstrate that you don’t necessarily need to drive two hours into the country or be going at high speeds to have an enjoyable Sunday morning drive. It was the perfect ramble route for drivers that live in the city, or those with cars whose power outputs and tire footprints are better suited for zipping around on city streets than roaring around a track.

The event began at Pfaff Porsche in Woodbridge, at 8:00am on Sunday, August 21. The route was specifically planned to capture some extraordinary views of the city while simultaneously providing drivers with an entertaining experience.

At mid-point, drivers stopped for a coffee break with a great view of the city, enhanced by a spectacular lineup of German sports cars in front of it. With a diverse group of Porsches, ranging from timeless classics to performance SUVs, the convoy raised a few eyebrows on a quiet Sunday morning from the regulars who line-up for their morning java at the iconic and intimate Rooster Coffee House on Broadview.

From there, drivers continued on their route through picturesque back roads, winding on-ramps, and exhilarating straightaways to reach the post-drive lunch.

It was a modest, informal affair that gave Porsche enthusiasts the opportunity to spend quality time in the driver’s seat of their prized possession, but more importantly, one that created lasting memories, and allowed the group to develop new friendships with others who share a common passion.

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