Randy2015Randy Gananathan, Provinz Editor (from Provinz October 2015 page 5)

Just as the leaves in our region have gradually begun changing colours to make beautiful autumn landscapes, we continue to make intelligent improvements to our monthly newsletter for your reading and visual enjoyment. After a long interval, we have a Tech Talk article contributed by an UCR member this month, describing his discovery of answers to a really important issue on breaking-in engines. George O’Neill, our Technical Editor, has lamented the difficulty of obtaining technical articles in the past and had to go far afield to find them, but George and I are taking a new road on technical articles where our goal is to have any UCR member and the tech centres around our region contribute future articles. We invite members and techs to send us stories about your experiences, discoveries and practices on technical issues that can benefit fellow members. Contact George at:

In continuing my introduction, my Porsche collection got an unexpected addition of a 944 seen in the photo below. My wife, Michelle and I were out enjoying our newest family member recently and snapped this harvest themed photo of our Metallic Beige 944 parked in a freshly harvested field. I wasn’t in the market for a 944 and never dreamt of owning one, but fate has a funny way of bringing us surprises. Bessie, as her late previous long-term owner called her, needs some freshening-up to make an unashamed track car one day. Even though she was parked for months, this car is proof of the build quality in Porsche vehicles as she is such a performer and an absolute pleasure to drive.

More later…

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