Randy2015Randy Gananathan, Provinz Editor (from Provinz November 2015 page 5)

The German word Rennsport simply means motor racing. I made it to my first Rennsport Reunion! Was one among a sea of Porschephiles standing in awe of the massive gathering of all types of Porsches, completely open jawed and speechless at the sight, in a Haj-like religious gathering of the faithful driving the best there is, be it a 60+ year old Pre-A or the newest hybrid 918! We were all gathered to feast our eyes and ears, to take-in the sights and sounds of Porsches at their best. The echoing blare of the PA system announces the start of rennreifen spinning and nothing beats the thrill of watching those Porsche rennreiters going around the rennpiste! Renn, renn, renn… Zuffenhausen was emptied because we mingled with so many Porsche legends and so many special museum treasures brought across for us to enjoy. A must do, at least once in the life of a PCA member.

Dan Proudfoot, a long time UCR member and renown track reporter was there and he captures the Canadian connection at Rennsport in this issue. Other UCR members drove all the way to Monterey, California from the GTA and we’ll hear about their adventures in future issues. This saves yours truly from the detailed report promised in the last issue.

And just in time for our snowbird members, the Varela family began advertising their Pompano Beach based Porsche certified facility in this issue, that has provided 37-years of trusted Porsche service in southeast Florida. Here’s a repair facility run by Bob and his sons that returns or shows all replaced parts, even if you didn’t ask for it. A trustworthy shop, if your P-car needs help when you are down in Florida.

Our UCR Concours, the largest in recent years, the two fun runs in September, our Hearth Place charity event and street survival training are all written about in this issue for you reading enjoyment and hopefully, your participation in many events in 2016. Our new format UCR calendar on page 6 lists a full year plus of events to choose from and plan ahead.

Did I see a special Canadian at Rennsport? Revealed in next month’s issue…

Randy D. Gananathan


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