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Mark the date and time my fellow Porschephiles, December 22nd, 2016 4:48 UTC marks the Winter Solstice and aren’t we lucky it comes 12-minutes before midnight on the 21st to us in EST North America!  That’s when we begin our steady climb towards longer days and P-Car Time when the snow melts!

Planning is well under way for fun runs, rambles, socials, tours and track days for the coming year.  The sneak peak 2016 calendar shows socials and track days for your advance planning and registration.  Group 905 meets for coffee every month on the last Sunday.  Their original location is in Aurora, but you can create one of your own in other areas from 416 to 519 or 705, even 613 plus many more 905’s.  Contact me if you are already meeting or would like to start a new venue.  It is a lot of fun.

Strolling Rennsport Reunion V grounds, I came upon the unbelievable Ontario license plate – BARNFYND.  The ultimate “kerstcadeau” – means Christmas present in Dutch.  Read proud owner Mike deJonge’s full story on page 24 of the car featured on the front cover.  Plus Michael Whitcombe’s 997 SC Tribute, George O’Neil’s “When 8 Bars Are Better Than 4” to Chris Pattison’s Trip Log, this issue is filled with member contributions and regular columns that make our newsletter such an interesting read.  Please send me your contributions or simply call me and we can pull together your very own personal story for Provinz.  Letters to the editor, suggestions and ideas are always welcome.

From our family to yours – Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Season’s Greetings and Cheers to a New Year!

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