Randy2015By Randy Gananathan, Provinz Editor (from Provinz August 2015 page 4)

Hello UCR!

You’ve been expecting it, and we are proud to present the latest edition of Provinz with the latest updates on club activities with subtle changes, following the Porsche principle of intelligent design. The underlying principal being to get the most out of available resources for success!

In her Provinz Steering Column of January 2015, Provinz Editor Emily Atkins wanted a new driver to sit behind the wheel. She was comfortable in the right seat and time was in short supply. Fast-forward through a few meetings and the UCR Board voted to accept me as the new Editor-in-Chief of Provinz in July 2015.

Now belted in the Driver’s Seat, I will bring you the results of your efforts, of every member who contributes to make UCR and Provinz rise above in our quest for the future as our destination. Continuous improvements that are hardly noticeable, but make the journey that much more fun! On the way, your creativity, your vision, your contributions, in short, your ideas are the resources I have as I blend harmony into design to follow function and include a little of the future in every mile or kilometer to our destination, the PCA trophy for best newsletter.

Help me! I’ve moved the gear shifter into 1st, now releasing the clutch, join me for a great ride in our Provinz!

Randy D. Gananathan

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