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AS I WRITE THIS in February, it is the coldest day of the year and COVID-19 restrictions are still in place, but showing signs of easing. We have been working on putting together a schedule of driving tours for the season, on the assumption that restrictions will permit them to occur. We will follow all COVID-19 protocols that are in place at the time each tour occurs. This may mean keeping the tour size smaller and, in general, we will open registration four weeks before an event, instead of the usual eight weeks, in order to give ourselves the best visibility as to what restrictions will be in place.

We will likely restrict numbers, as well we may have to restrict attendees from certain regions of Ontario, those who are in a stricter zone and should not be travelling to another, more-open and less-restricted zone.

Venues will be another challenge, as many are working on restricted hours or capacity. Buffet meals are out of the question. It is possible that some meals will need to be replaced with a box lunch or bring-it-yourself picnic. Hopefully things improve as we go through the summer. At least we will be out driving our Porsches and seeing other club members.

The 2021 driving tour schedule, as it now sits, is:

March 20: Snow Way! Winter Niagara hosted by Stefan Walther

May 15: Spring Into Action Muskoka hosted by Larry Funnell

May 16: Porsche Centre Oakville Spring Awakening Niagara hosted by Stefan Walther and Gerry Cornwell

May 29: Forks of the Credit and Hockley Valley hosted by Larry Funnell

June 12: Southern Georgian Bay hosted by Michael Pohlmann and Randy Spenceley

June 18 and 19: Best Back Roads Muskoka Overnighter hosted by Larry Funnell and Stefan Walther

June 25: Prince Edward County hosted by Eric Wang

July 16: Exclusive VIP Behind-the-Scenes Niagara Falls hosted by Kim Willis

July 25: Mad Noisy Rivers hosted by Michael Pohlmann and Kathrin Menge

Aug. 29: Blue Mountains Gimmick Rally hosted by Hazel de Burgh and Martin Tekela

Sept. 7 to 25: East Explorer Maritimes hosted by John Buckingham

Sept. 12: Porsche Centre North Toronto Enthusiast Cruise

Sept. 18 and 19: More Cowbell Overnighter hosted by Michael Pohlmann and Kathrin Menge

Sept. 26: Pfaff Porsche

Oct. 2: Grand River (Buttertarts, Bridges and Barbecue) hosted by Rob Payne

Oct. 3: Blue Mountains Fall Colours Gimmick Rally hosted by Hazel de Burgh and Martin Tekela

Oct. 9: Autumn Blaze Kawartha Lakes hosted by Adam Henderson

TBA: South Coast Jazz hosted by John Buckingham (dependent on festival occurring)

Ideally, we will add in some more events. Do you have any favourite roads you would like to share? Contact us and we can help you set up a driving tour, either as a host or co-host. We are in need of a volunteer for the Pfaff Porsche half-day driving tour and some good road recommendations north and east of Markham. Send an E-mail to driving-tours@pcaucr.org.

Stay tuned, more details on all driving tours will be published next month in Provinz. Events will soon be added to the club website and ClubReg, the latter where registration for all will occur. </>

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