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Introductory Driver Education

The purpose of the UCR Driver’s Education (DE) Program is to provide a safe, structured and controlled teaching and learning environment. The program is designed so that the participants can improve their driving abilities and acquire a better understanding of vehicle dynamics and high performance driving safety.

Participants will experience first-hand the capabilities of their own Porsche in a controlled, closed-circuit environment and will gain the skills that will enhance safer vehicle operations in all driving situations.

Introductory Driver Education (IDE)

Drivers who have never completed a qualified Skid School program are required to attend the mandatory Introductory Driver Education — which teaches you basic driving theory and gives you some practical experience developing car control through a series of demonstrations and exercises.

Learn more about it here.

Driver Education Track Program

We conduct our driver education program (DE) on race tracks in a controlled and safe environment. Our program is designed to afford participants the opportunity to develop car control skills in an organized manner.

Due to social distancing restrictions we recommend the use of masks when close to other participants. They will also be required for all in-car instruction. The Track Team is planning a full six DE program for 2022.

DE registration goes live on January 1, 2022 @12am


2022 Driver Education Dates


Sat & Sun, April 30th & May 1st @ Mosport Grand Prix Track, Lunch Included

Jan 1st
Friday June 3rd, Instructor Day @ Mosport Grand Prix Track, Black & Red Groups Jan 1st
Sat & Sun, June 4th & 5th @ Mosport Grand Prix Track, Lunch Included Jan 1st
Sat & Sun, July 9th & 10th @ Mosport Grand Prix Track, Lunch Included Jan 1st
Sat & Sun, Aug 20th & 21st @ Mosport Grand Prix Track, Lunch Included Jan 1st
Sat & Sun, Sept 24th & 25th @ Mosport Grand Prix Track, Lunch Included Jan 1st
Sat & Sun, Oct 15th & 16th @ Mosport Grand Prix Track, Lunch Included Jan 1st

With careful budget management and the assistance of the Board, the 2022 rates will remain the same. Boxed lunches are included in the fees.

Lunch and HST included

Driver Education Events $370
Instructors $185

Sign up for Driving Schools

Register here for Driver Education events. You can also check your status here to see if you have been accepted. See Event Registration Rules for details.

Downloadable Insurance Forms and Instructions

All required insurance forms can be found here, as well as instructions on their use. No minors may attend the 2022 schedule of events and any guests must be fully vaccinated and pay for their meals @ $20 per.

Program Guidelines