DE Track Sampler


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The Track Sampler Program is an introduction to Upper Canada Region’s Advanced Driver Education Program at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (CTMP). If you want to see the program at work without making a commitment to continuing, the Track Sampler program is designed with you in mind. 

A Track Sampler day is an opportunity for those who are just curious. They attend the Saturday morning start up of our Advanced Driver Education Program as a guest. No preparation is required as your car will not be used during the event. A $20 fee covers your costs.

You just print, then sign the application  (please print your email carefully). The application is faxed or scanned at least a week before the event to the Track Chair who then sends you an e-mail confirmation. You arrive at the Registration Building at CTMP at 7:45 am on Saturday and meet your guide, Rosemary Adam who will review the day’s schedule.

Next is coffee and donuts and a visit to the Tech Line, where some of your questions will be answered. You’ll attend the Driver’s Safety Meeting with Rosemary where you will be shown the meaning of the flags and be privy to all of the latest safety instructions. A tour of the Tower, all the work stations and an explanation of their purpose will follow, as the track becomes active.

During the lunch break you will be directed to the Staging area where our Chief Instructor will assign you a Nationally Certified Instructor.

They will take you out in his or her car for a Touring Session on the main track. Feel free to ask questions as this is your opportunity to understand the finer points of our Driver Education Program.

Afterwards, join us for your complimentary Flagger’s Lunch at the CTMP Restaurant. Then, you will be invited to the Green Run Group’s classroom session, where you will share in their enthusiasm. Then, formal program completed, spend as much time as you wish wandering the paddocks, talking to participants and watching the event unfold.

We hope this window into the organization and safety of our Advanced Driver Education Program will have you wanting to join us. It’s all about the people.

To participate in this exciting program, please download and fill in the application form, click here.

The Driver Education dates can be found here.