Driver Education Handbook

The reasons for Driver Education are to make each of us who participate, more skilled and safer drivers and to provide us with the opportunity to learn about our Porsches and to experience “driving in its purest form”.

We conduct our driver education program on race tracks in a controlled and safe environment. Our program is designed to afford participants the opportunity to develop car control skills in an organized manner. People of various skill levels attend our events for a variety of reasons. The common denominator is that they have a good time and learn from their experience. Safety of participants and their cars is our number one concern.

All novice UCR drivers must attend our preliminary “Skid Pad School”. These schools are heldtwo or threetimes throughout the year. The school teaches you basic driving theory and gives you some practical experience developing car control through a series of demonstrations and exercises. The schools are valuable for everyone, whether or not you ever participate in a track event.

Each new participant begins in the novice run group. Novice (for our purposes) drivers have an experienced instructor in their car and drive at moderate speeds. Students are encouraged to drive at speeds at which they are comfortable. The goal is to teach better car control. Students are discouraged from traveling at speeds which could place them or their cars in jeopardy.

As your skill level develops you will progress from the novice group to more experienced run groups. You will be “signed off” as you progress. Being “signed off” means that your instructor feels confident that you can drive “solo”, meaning without an instructor in the car.

Be patient. There is no need to rush driving “solo”. In fact all drivers from “signed off” to instructor will be “checked out” periodically. It is one way for us to help you become a better and safer driver and it allows us to measure your progress and the success of our program. No timing devices are permitted.

It is important to note that UCR Driver Education is not racing, nor any form of competition. There are plenty of other venues if you wish to drive competitively. Our program is not one of them.

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