Introduction to Driver Education (IDE)

* Please note that UCR Driver Education is not racing, nor any form of competition. There are plenty of other venues if you wish to drive competitively. DE is all about having fun in a safe and educational environment.

Drivers who wish to enroll in our track-based Driver Education program are required to attend this mandatory full day introductory course. The school is held on track weekends when we have openings for your direct entry into the program. Your single registration enrolls you in IDE on Saturday, and DE with your assigned Instructor on Sunday. This one-time requirement will teach you how to navigate track driving with everyone’s fun and safety in mind. 

The school teaches you basic driving theory and gives you some practical experience developing car control, through a series of demonstrations and exercises at the Mosport (CTMP) main facility. It’s a mixture of classroom information and some practical driving experience in a controlled environment. No special safety equipment is required for the IDE school other than your Tech Inspection and a current Snell-rated helmet. Helmet rentals are available from Braidan Tire with advance notice. 

Note: If you are unable to attend our IDE school but feel you have had equivalent experience with another reputable car club or high performance driving school, please contact our Chief Instructor to discuss your situation.

Advice: Our Driver Education program is very popular and one of the best ways to enjoy the performance of your Porsche. IDE registration is based on future participation, so the quickest way to be accepted into the program is to sign up for multiple events. Those who register for the most events are the first to be accepted and room is limited. Please sign up to ensure your place in the registration queue.

To download the IDE Welcome form…