Non Porsches

Participation of Non-Porsches in Club DEs

Under the authority conferred by the UCR Board of Directors, the UCR Track Team establishes the following as its Policy under which non-Porsche automobiles may be permitted to be entered and driven in UCR DE Events.

This Policy is not intended to encourage the participation of non-Porsches, but rather to accommodate members in special circumstances.  This Policy will be administered on the basis that participants in our DEs expect to be driving with, and teaching drivers of other Porsches.  Applications under this Policy will be decided individually, on a discretionary basis.

The Track Team is prepared to allow non-Porsches to be driven at Club DEs, if special application is made.  Following are the rules:

1. The participant should notify the Track Team, through the Registrar, when he or she registers for the event, or as soon as possible, that he or she needs to apply to bring another car.  The notice should state that the participant wishes to operate an automobile different than the one listed in his or her membership information, and provide particulars of it as well as the reason that their Porsche is not available.  The application will be routed through the appropriate Track Team officials.  The longer you wait to apply, the greater the chance that your application will not be approved.

2. The participant must be a UCR or National Instructor.  Rare exceptions can be made in Solo driving groups for UCR members. Non-Porches will be not be allowed in any of the Instructed run groups.

3. The participant must have the non-Porsche inspected, and the UCR Tech Form completed and signed, either at a PCA Club Authorized Tech Centre or one of the other marques’ Club Tech Centres. The participant must date and sign the Tech Form where indicated and remains responsible for the condition and track safety of the vehicle.

Drivers wishing to avail themselves of this Policy must be members in good standing of PCA or of the other car club whose members are eligible to participate in the DE Event.

Track Chairman