Driver Education Registration Rules

Registration Procedures for the Advanced Driver Education Track Program are:

  • Registrations and cancellations will only be accepted on-line via the UCR Registration Site at
  • You will receive an automated response (Pending) so you will know we have received your application.
  • All payments are made via Credit Card through our secure on-line server.
  • Please make sure your credit card information on your Driver Info page at is valid and up to date.
  • Registration closes at midnight on Friday night, two weeks before each event.
  • Payment is automatically processed when registration closes, 2 weeks before the event.
  • No cancellations are accepted after payment processing and no refunds after processing.
  • Anyone admitted to an event after registration closes will be assessed a $50 surcharge.
  • Pricing is listed for the current season on the Event Sign-Up page. Events are 2 or 3 days only.
  • Car numbers are assigned by the Registrars. Yours will be found on your Confirmation e-mail.
  • Car numbers are provided by the entrant, minimum 6” high on both sides and 4″ on the rear in a contrasting color.
  • Front tow hooks are mandatory and will be checked at the Tech Line.
  • Registration for the upcoming season opens at Midnight on January 1st. First come first served
  • If you sign up for IDE you may sign up for all other events. You must complete the IDE to be accepted.
  • The direct link for the Technical Safety Inspection Process on the Technical Inspection Forms Page
  • New or Newly Signed-Off Out of Region Drivers should email the DE Registrars

About Your Registration Status

PendingYour registration has been received but has not yet been processed.
AcceptedYour registration has been received and you are confirmed for the event.
WaitlistYour registration has been received but your run group is currently full. You may be accepted in the future if there are any cancellations.
FullYour run group is full and the Waitlist is oversubscribed.
DeclinedYou have asked to cancel the event but the registrar has not yet confirmed.
CancelledYour cancellation has been accepted by the registrar and you will not be charged.

At the Track

You must provide your valid Driver’s License, Car Numbers and signed Tech Form (dated within 3 weeks of the event). You must sign the UCR Waiver before entering the event and attend the morning Safety Briefing.  These are mandatory insurance requirements.

We hope this simple list will help you join us for our events and make your registration experience easier and more enjoyable. Welcome to UCR Advanced Driver Education.