Log Books

Each participant in our Driver-Ed programme will be issued a Student Log Book which will be used to record their progress. This will apply to new and established drivers and it is important to have this Log Book available for inspection at any time throughout the weekend. Our purpose is to educate and to learn from participation in the Drivers-Ed programme and the Log Book will help both Instructor and Student to keep a record of their involvement and establish a baseline for future development.

Log Books MUST be shown at Registration. Your personal details (name, address etc.) should be entered on the ‘Driver Information’ page and the Event details (date, track, region, run-group) entered in the next available section. After presentation of your PCA membership card, Drivers License and Tech Inspection form at registration the Registrar will stamp or sign the “Docs OK” box. The other areas (Track Conditions, Student Rating and Instructor Comments) will be filled out by your Instructor.

Note: These Log Books are expensive to produce. There will be a charge for replacement of lost or mislaid Log Books. Once full a new book will be issued at your next event.

PDF version of log book