Modified Porsches

Guidelines for UCR Vehicle Eligibility

Adopted by the UCR Board of Directors: September 6, 2005

The UCR Board has decided it should not fix rules to determine the eligibility of vehicles for a Club event, since any fixed set of criteria to determine whether or not an automobile is admissible will be impossible to administer and against our spirit of fellowship. Rather, the Board has set out principles to guide those responsible for administering the event and has empowered them to determine in the first instance whether or not, in light of those principles, a particular vehicle should be allowed or excluded from the event.

Basic Principle

A member should be permitted to enter in a Club event any automobile that typically would be normally identified or referred to as a Porsche. This, then, will as a general rule permit the entry of Porsche-based automobiles manufactured by RUF and Porsche automobiles modified from stock, notwithstanding that these modifications may be so extreme as to include non-Porsche engines or transmissions.


The following are qualifications to the above:

1. Safety standards must never be compromised: For Driving Events it is recommended that the vehicle substantially retain the Porsche factory body/chassis structure between the shock mountings, Porsche Suspension and Brakes, or is fitted with proven replacement parts that meet or exceed original factory standards.*

2. If the modifications are so extreme, or if the body of the automobile is of a non-Porsche design or appearance, which may demean, the status of the Porsche marque, the automobile should be disqualified from participation in the event. The event organizers shall have final say in this decision.*

3. An automobile should be excluded where there is a reasonable concern that its participation would negatively affect in a material way, participation by others in that event or similar future Club events.

4. The principles set out above do not apply to any Club Racing Event sanctioned by PCA or other events where existing rules take precedence.

* The DE Tech Form will be modified such that Tech Inspectors must inform event organisers of potential vehicles that may be questionable under these guidelines.


Those responsible for administering a Club event are authorized to determine whether or not in light of the above principles they should accept or reject an automobile from being entered in that event.

A member whose automobile is rejected from participation in an event has the right to appeal that decision, by notice to the UCR Board of Directors. The procedures to be followed in that regard shall be established by the President or the Board. The decision rendered by the Board on the appeal shall be subject to further appeal as provided for in the Bylaws of the Club.