Canadian Tire Motorsports Park

Park Information

1. Travel To Mosport:

  • Take Hwy. #401 East from Toronto approximately 100km (60mi) or West from Kingston area to Waverly Road (Exit #431) in Bowmanville.
  • Proceed North and follow Durham Road #57 for about 18km. (12miles)
  • Turn right at the Mosport sign, continue on Durham Road #20 for 8km (5miles)
  • Enter the Mosport access road, go past the first gate. The Registration Building is next on your right. The Pass Gate driveway where you enter the track is next. Here you will sign the Waiver and be given directions to Paddock Parking.

2. MOSPORT is a world renowned race track that was designed to challenge a driver’s control over his car. Unlike purely technical tracks, high speed is a major feature of this road course. The unique challenge of MOSPORT is inherent in its abrupt elevation changes combined with camber changes. These elements, added to the high speed of open corners make some sections of the track intimidating. Nowhere is the proven approach of “in slow, out fast” more appropriate, or indeed necessary, to the survival rather than the mere enjoyment of the more difficult sections. Although the track itself has not changed, there have been significant changes all aimed at improved drive safety, better sight lines, new pit lanes and corner worker stands, track resurfacing, new spectator vantage points, amenities and hospitality areas.

3. Paddock Parking: There are no garages at Mosport. However there is plenty of parking inside the track. To make best use of the ample parking and to accommodate the variety of vehicles and activities, specific areas have be designated for set up of Tech and Impound and paddock parking for large rigs, RVs, trailers, campers, tents and cars only. Entrance to the facility will be via the Pass Gate by Corner 10. There is both a tunnel and gate access across the track. Access to Paddock A is via Pit Lane. Other Paddock areas can be reached once you have entered the track through the tunnel. Kindly follow directions from Paddock Marshals on arrival or kindly oblige the designated areas as follows: Parking arrangements are made to help everyone. Please be courteous.

4. Electrical Hook Up And Water is available on a very limited basis by the washrooms near Paddock A and by the restaurant and timing tower.

5. Camping: Camping is available at the track. The grassy area just beyond Paddock A between Corners 1 and 2 is a good location that can accommodate campers and tents. It is adjacent to the washroom facility. Facilities are very basic but do include indoor washrooms with running water.

6. Fuel: Arrangements have been made with Mosport to provide gas and racing fuels for entrants on site through Performance Fuels. 100 or 104 octane unleaded and 110 or 112 octane leaded fuels will be available.

Visa and Master Card are available for your convenience. To make fuel arrangements contact Barry Pedwell at 1-905-983-6330.