EASTERN SHORES FUN RUN: No dampened spirits despite the rain!

dsc_4830Story by Neil Dowdell, UCR Member Photos by Larry Funnell, UCR Member (from November 2016 Provinz page 15)

Anne and David Forbes deserve a great round of applause for their running of the Eastern Shores Fun Run this year. A modification of the Hearth Place run, it took us along the gloriously winding Lake Ontario shoreline past small port towns, beautiful vineyards and thru to the town of Cobourg where we enjoyed a marvelous lunch at 92 King. The restaurant was reserved for UCR and a special menu was printed including our logo. Exiting the restaurant into Cobourg’s street festival we were greeted by the pitter-patter of raindrops that rapidly increased into a torrent, which made things interesting as our twenty-two P-cars wound their way back to Hearth Place in Oshawa. Irena Kropman and the wonderful ladies from Hearth Place had prepared a light “snack” for us, which we indulged in as we told stories about the Hearth Place children and the purpose of Hearth Place as a cancer support centre. As the day wound down we again thanked the staff and especially Anne and David for both a great fun run and their continued support of such a special place.






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