Eighteen Years

AS A LONG-TIME PORSCHEPHILE and former air-cooled 911 owner, when I saw my first Boxster in the late ‘90s, I fell in love with the style, the mid-engine concept and the fundamental performance and handling. When someone I knew had a short-term lease come up for buy-out in 2002, I sold my red Carrera and jumped on it, an Arctic Silver and Metropol Blue 2001 Boxster S. I have had it for the past 18-plus years with no wish to change. It remains totally unmodified.

It’s been a reasonably reliable car over its 130,000 kilometres, with the standard maintenance items such as IMS replacement, clutch, MAF and the standard tires and brakes. I truly enjoy its lightness and agility, making corners and sweeps most enjoyable. And it makes those lovely Porsche sounds when it gets on the gas — although it’s hard to beat an air-cooled 911’s sound. I’m not much of a track person so my personal special run is through the Forks of the Credit on a weekday, when there’s usually nobody there. — Craigg Ballance

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