Electric Currents

THERE IS SO MUCH TO EXPLORE in the vast Niagara Parks, comprising much of the Niagara River corridor from Niagara-on-the-Lake to Fort Erie and including the mighty Niagara Falls, that every occasion of UCR’s Exclusive VIP Behind-the-Scenes Driving Tour offers unique opportunities to discover and enjoy various special attractions. Sept. 10’s outing was no different.

An attraction in itself is the curvy meandering parkway that hugs the Niagara River, a perfect cruising venue, and with magnificent scenery, for Porsche sports cars of various model and various vintage — especially the drop-tops, especially on a sunny summer’s day.

While previous club visits have included Old Fort Erie, Legends on the Niagara golf course, Journey Behind the Falls, and Queenston Heights, a highlight for many has been a visit to the 115-year-old decommissioned Canada Niagara Power Plant.

In 2019 our group visited this shuttered facility and took a big step back in time; this year it had been revitalized and reopened as an informative exhibit on hydroelectricity in Niagara and in the world, But the real gem is an immersive 3D show called Currents, a truly spectacular evening presentation that combines light and sound, and tantalizes the senses.

Thinkwell is the mastermind behind Currents, as well as many other high-profile productions for clients that include Warner Brothers and Universal Studios, including Harry Potter attractions.

Also new this year was a ride on the Spanish aero car high above the whirlpool rapids and with impressive views of the river and gorge. 

Club members and guests dined at Table Rock House Restaurant, enjoying a multi-course gourmet meal, overlooking the incredible Niagara Falls.

So how can next year’s driving tour top this one? The tunnels far below the power plant are set to open soon, the club will be back to enjoy this new element. The date is already set, join us on Sept. 9, 2022.

But you don’t have to wait for a UCR tour, feel free to explore Niagara Parks anytime at your own leisure, there is so much on offer. Visit NiagaraParks.com.

Special thanks to Kimberly Willis (Viney), co-host of the popular Exclusive VIP Behind-the-Scenes Niagara Falls Driving Tour, and senior director of business development for Niagara Parks. Kimberly has also been an active volunteer with UCR in other ways, namely as secretary on the board of directors, as well as, most recently, on the nominating committee for the current board.

Niagara Parks also sponsored the club’s 2021 Concours d’Elegance in Niagara Falls. </>

Story and Photography by Stefan Walther and Niagara Parks

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