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Danny Kroll’s 2002 911 Turbo

THE 2002 996 TURBO. Body by Pinky Lai. Engine by Hans Mezger. The 996 Turbo is the perfect car for me.

It is one of the last Porsches with a true analog feel. Its handling feels nimble. The interior has combined leather and carbon fibre to create a fairly modern, ergonomic, yet classy style. The 996 Turbo is the perfect size, making it maneuverable in traffic and on track. When my kids were younger it was a great family car. It has a more spacious cockpit than the air-cooled cars and not the massive size of the 991 generation. These cars feel modern with modern gauges, controls and a raked windshield.

This car produces emotions in me every time I drive it. As well it creates emotions in others — comments of appreciation are common from all sorts, ranging from young children to middle-aged men to elder women who have zero interest in cars but want to share a compliment regarding a six turbo in front of them.

My mom had seen many luxury sports cars in my family before seeing the 996 Turbo in my driveway, but her jaw dropped and she was fascinated by the styling.

I enjoy showing my car to all generations and sharing the love of Porsche, often even offering the driver’s seat if I notice a young person interested in my car.

The 996 Turbo is a great car and feels at home whether speeding down the back straight at Mosport, driving in traffic on Richmond Street, out on a country road, or out for a date-night dinner with my wife.

The 996 Turbo does not disappoint. </>

Story and photos provided by Danny Kroll.

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