August 29, 2021 all-day
    Blue Mountains Gimmick Rally

    INFO: https://pcaucr.org/driving/driving-tours/driving-tours-event-list/

    What could possibly be better than cruising down a wonderful twisty road in one of Zuffenhausen’s finest sports cars? How about piloting this same great road but with a pack of purring pouncing Porsches, sharing with fellow enthusiasts the entire exhilarating experience!

    Enter PCA UCR’s popular driving tours program, formerly called fun runs. Sure, alone attacking S-curves in a P-car is a blast, but doing so with several others, the weapon of choice the same sharpened German artillery, is even more thrilling.

    A driving tour is defined as a friendly and social non-competitive driving event on fun twisty roads that are in good shape and usually with some nice scenery, for Porsche club members to enjoy the company of each other and their fine cars, usually with a lunch, dinner or snack stop at a nice venue. A driving tour can have five to 50 Porsches and last just a few hours of a day or can go longer and last several days and span a greater distance.