Braidan/Michelin Charity Event

April 30, 2012 all-day
3233 Concession Road 10
Bowmanville, ON L1C 3K6

Once again Braidan Tire and Michelin are sponsoring a charity event for “Wheels for Humanity” at Mosport. They have invited all Signed Off (white, black and red) UCR drivers to join them on Monday April 30th. The donation this year is $78. This is the same amount as last year with the addition of the credit card processing fee. Your payment will be processed through our Registration Website at just like a regular track event.

As there are no student or work assignments at these events we could use a few volunteers to work the staging area. The UCR Track Team helps stage this event so there will be a compliment of Marshals, Ambulance. Towing and, of course, Tire Support. Your safety is our first concern.

Registration is open now at under the Advanced Solo Lapping heading.

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