September 19, 2021 all-day
    Porsche Centre Downtown Toronto Lake Ontario Boulevard Cruise

    Hosted by Porsche Centre Downtown Toronto with tour leaders Eric Wang and Stefan Walther

    This driving tour starts in the early morning in one of the best ways possible — mingling with fellow Porsche enthusiasts and club members, surrounded by the shiniest of the latest and greatest that our favourite automaker has to offer, in the bright inviting showroom of our host, Porsche Centre Downtown Toronto. If there is a good time to drive in Toronto, it would certainly be early on a Sunday. No worries, however, we aren’t hanging around long — as the heart of the city wakes up and starts beating, we set out east to drive some of the best roads that hug the shores of Lake Ontario, with pit stops into several interesting picturesque areas, opportunities to take in the magnificent scenery and pose for a couple of photo-ops. Afterwards we wrap up the cruise much the same way as we began, with a delicious meal, compliments of the host, Porsche Centre Downtown Toronto, at a nice east-end eatery.

    Please note that as the Porsche dealership driving tours are extremely popular and there are limited spots, to be fair and to allow more club members to enjoy these events, registration priority will be given to those club members who did not attend or are not registered for another dealership driving tour this driving season.

    Cost $15, 25 Porsches

    Registration opens Sept. 5 at 9 p.m. at https://clubregistration.net/events/signUp.cfm/event/11805