Driving Tour To South Coast Jazz Festival (Port Dover)

August 17, 2019 all-day


Driving Tour To South Coast Jazz Festival Weekend (Port Dover)

Sign up early for the second iteration of one of the most sought-after driving tours of the 2018 season! This time, we plan the tour as a full weekend event! As before, we depart from Milton and follow a special route over and around Hamilton Mountain and then stop for a group lunch enroute to Port Dover in Norfolk County, the home of a number of wineries and lavender farms. Jeremy outlined a great route in 2018 which had us crisscrossing the escarpment on some exciting roads, many of us felt this was the most fun driving tour we had been engaged in that year! Port Dover is the home of the South Coast Jazz Festival, now in its sixth year and attracting top-tier jazz and blues performers over the festival weekend (Saturday and Sunday), with the main event taking place Saturday evening. This driving tour includes a special ticket for each person to the festival which includes a reception, dinner and the evening performances. A special “Porsche Paddock” is again planned next to the main event venue, so parking at this busy festival is taken care of! On Sunday, a group brunch happens at the Brant Hill Inn, one of the focal points of the festival, followed by an exclusive boat tour of the Grand River. All included in this driving tour. A block of hotel and bed-and-breakfast rooms has been reserved but be warned — the number of hotel and rooms in Norfolk County is rather limited so, if you would like to reserve a room, please register early and then contact John Buckingham regarding the available accommodation options. In any case, the block of rooms will be released by July 1, in fairness to the demand from other festival participants. And the festival ticket gives you access to any of the other festival performances on Sunday. For more info on the festival, visit http://www.southcoastjazz.com/

Hosted by John Buckingham and Jeremy Gunness, jebuck1@aol.com, 25 Porsches, $226 per person (includes South Coast Jazz Festival ticket, lunch, reception, dinner, performances, brunch, boat tour)

Registration via ClubReg is currently open

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