Exclusive VIP Behind-The-Scenes Niagara Falls Driving Tour

    August 28, 2020 all-day

    FRIDAY, AUG. 28, 2020 – Exclusive VIP Behind-The-Scenes Niagara Falls Driving Tour

    Explore one of North America’s most impressive, most popular and most powerful natural wonders — Niagara Falls — as well as several also-incredible nearby attractions along the Niagara River, on this exhilarating driving tour and exclusive behind-the-scenes experiences, from the best vantage point possible: the cockpit of your Porsche!

    A plethora of exciting and rare opportunities await as PCA UCR is granted unprecedented access to Old Fort Erie and the sights and sounds of this War Of 1812 National Historic Site, very special Journey Behind The Falls excursion through 130-year-old tunnels at the base of Niagara Falls (a truly remarkable and unique perspective), ride in the antique Spanish Whirlpool Aero Car high above the swirling Niagara River class-six whitewater rapids, scrumptious gourmet multi-course lunch at the historic 116-year-old Queen Victoria Place Restaurant near the brink of the mighty Niagara Falls (and with private Porsche parking!), cruise through picturesque Old Town Niagara-On-The-Lake, all wrapped up with a perfect summer pastime — a refreshing ice cream at Laura Secord Homestead.

    The day’s extraordinary events begin with a mid-morning meet-up just off the QEW in Vineland and a blast through some wonderful twists and turns, ups and downs, in Niagara escarpment backcountry, on the way to Old Fort Erie.

    In 1943, Winston Churchill called the curvy meandering road along the Niagara River “the prettiest Sunday afternoon drive in the world.” For this driving tour, however, we plot the route on a Friday for less traffic and fewer tourists, complete from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario. Take in the breathtaking scenery of the rushing Niagara River on one side, magnificent multi-million-dollar mansions on the other.

    The day wraps up in Queenston Heights. Did you know this is where Niagara Falls was originally located 12,300 years ago? Erosion has taken it away 11.4 kilometres down the river. Just one of many trivia tidbits to be gleaned, so don’t miss what will certainly be one of the most memorable and talked-about driving tours of the 2020 season!

    Hosted by Kimberly Willis and Stefan Walther, driving-tours@pcaucr.org, 25 Porsches, 200 kilometres, cost $106 per person (includes lunch at Queen Victoria Place Restaurant in Niagara Falls, admission into several attractions, wrap-up refreshments at Laura Secord Homestead, other highlights)

     Registration via ClubReg is currently open at https://clubregistration.net/events/signUp.cfm/event/10870