UCR February 2020 Social

    February 11, 2020 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm

    Venue: Fuzion Banquet Hall, 1300 Britannia Road East, Mississauga, ON

    Directions to Fuzion Banquet Hall

    Dinner Menu: 

    • Roast Beef in a Brandy Peppercorn Sauce
    • Baked Chicken
    • Penne a la Vodka
    • Seasoned Steamed Vegetables
    • Roasted Parisian Potatoes
    • Sweet Table with Tea & Coffee. 
    • Cash Bar

    Advance registration is required https://clubregistration.net/events/signUp.cfm/event/10306

    Jim Kenzie, Canada’s foremost automotive journalist with the Toronto Star, will share his favourite stories and views on driving the latest greatest Porsches and other cars, including electrics (don’t get Jim started!), all over the world. In the meantime, his 2020 Kenzie Car Calendar, with proceeds going to the injury-prevention charity Parachute, makes an excellent Christmas gift. Buy now! Support Jim, he supports us!


    1. Price says $30. It is featured in the Canadian Provinz publication. On the club registration webpage it says $30 – one would think this is in Canadian dollars because the event is being held in Canada at a local venue. My VISA was charged in US dollars. Why?

    2. I just signed up to the Feb 11. Social dinner and it clearly states, $30.00 CAD – “ This event is priced in Canadian dollars”
      I was charged $39.62, curious as to why I’m being charged in USD? I’m not worried about the money but more about the inconsistent messaging and principal of this. Look forward to hearing back, cheers.

    3. Hi all, I have been sending eblast once a week to those who registered for Tues Feb 11 social and let them know that clubreg will refund the excess charged.

      Yes, I set up the event on clureg and I checked the box “Canadian dollars”. But Clubreg recently switched vendor, and the vendor has been having some technical difficulties in linking our registration properly to Canadian dollars. Please bear with us for now. Thanks.

      If you have any questions, please email us at socials@pcaucr.org