UCR Spring Rally

April 19, 2020 @ 8:00 am – 11:30 am
427 Auto Collision
395 Evans Ave

Starting Point @8:00am (Sharp!): 427 Auto Collision, 395 Evans Ave, Etobicoke

Ending Point @11:30am:  427 Auto Collision, 395 Evans Ave, Etobicoke


There will be lots of prizes and the Rally entry fee is a nominal $20 per car. Lunch is not included in the registration fee, but available at the end of the rally at the UCR Open House for a charitable donation by purchasing meal tickets.

Advance registration is required at https://clubregistration.net/events/signUp.cfm/event/10328

Participants must be at the 427 Auto Collision at 8:00am sharp to register and attend the drivers briefing while snacking on coffee and donuts. Cars will depart at 8:30am.

A Rally is a technical driving event. Multiple checkpoints time the cars and penalize early or late arrivals at checkpoints. Trip odometers are set to zero at the calibration point after a short drive from the starting point to get drivers and navigators accustomed to the written instructions of the route. From the calibration point forward, there will be no information about road names. Navigators must pay careful attention to the way points, landmarks and constantly check with drivers for odometer readings. Driving directions forward of the calibration point are provided in Kilometres and Miles, such as “Drive 3km (1.86 Miles) and turn right” followed by step-by-step distance to each way point for navigation of the entire rally. The route instruction sheet will also have questions about significant landmarks to score points for observation, so familiarize yourself with the questions before you drive off and keep eyes open to recognize and record the landmarks.

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