Exceeding Expectations

PHENOMENAL ROADS AND BREATHTAKING SCENERY awaited us on Saturday, Oct. 9. We saved the best driving tour for last. This was the message that our President Stefan Walther opened with for an information package for the tour.

Leaving our home that morning, the weather forecast was not in our favour and my wife wanted me to make sure that the tour was still a go. Doing a final E-mail check and with no cancellation message from Stefan, we headed out on our way to the Uxbridge location for the start of a tour that definitely exceeded our expectations.

The drive from Thornhill to Uxbridge took us through overcast skies, foggy conditions, rain then a little clearing, arriving at the Tim Hortons in Uxbridge. To our surprise all participants showed up and what a lovely display of Porsche vehicles — classic 911s, 944s, Caymans, Boxsters, a Cayenne, right up to the new 992 911 models. There were even a few brave souls who drove topless with the imminent chance of rain. I kept my roof up. On departing I was comfortably tucked in behind the second lead vehicle.

There was a small glitch navigating the route but our second lead vehicle driven by Ralf Heitz and wife Andrea quickly got most of us back on track. What a sight it was with about 25 Porsche vehicles lined up neatly before the turn-off for Highway 35, leading us through Lindsay.

Our first pit stop was at another Tim Hortons in Bobcaygeon and the rain and mist turned into a continuous drizzle from then on. Roughly 16 kilometres later we were travelling Highway 507, labelled on the instruction sheet as “PORSCHE FUN.” Oh, what fun it was — driving traffic-free, twisty wet roads for 20 kilometres at a brisk pace was as enjoyable as a DE day at Mosport (sorry, Canadian Tire Motorsport Park). I was following a 991 4S that looked five feet wider than my 993 cab, with a 996 coupe right behind me. My wife was holding the seat with her left hand and the roof with her right hand after about 12 kilometres, so I graciously pulled over to the surprise of the driver behind me. We exchanged a passing glance as I told him all was okay and to carry on. With no one behind me, my brisk pace was a little more muted and my wife was at ease.

Driving through Haliburton, the scenery was indeed breathtaking. The fall colours were in full spectacle and driving lakeside with the towering ravines surrounding us, it was picture perfect.

Driving through Haliburton, the scenery was indeed breathtaking. The fall colours were in full spectacle and driving lakeside with the towering ravines surrounding us, it was picture perfect. Living in this part of the world, we can really take this wonderful display of colour for granted. Shortly we arrived at our lunch destination, Pinestone Resort’s Stone 21 restaurant.

My wife and I were one of the last to be seated since we stayed in the parking lot and took some great pictures of the cars with the leaves falling onto and around them.

We managed to find a spot at a table with three other couples. To my surprise I was seated beside my first and only pupil from a previous Street Survival course run by the club. I’ll never forget having to pull on his handbrake to try and induce oversteer so that he could experience correcting the vehicle. His wife was also at that Street Survival course and they both wished that they had done something like that decades prior, stating how much they had learned about car control. Lunch was plentiful and conversation surrounded our shared passion for our vehicles and the wonderful drive to the restaurant.

Leaving the resort, we looped back through Haliburton’s central core and the locals were gracious enough to allow all of the cars to stay together, providing thumbs-up and lots of smiles to the passing Porsches. Still wet and with a steady drizzle, we continued to Kawartha Dairy where my wife and I had to say farewell to other participants. We were invited to a pig roast at a location not too far from where we were, so we took the opportunity to enjoy some scrumptious pork cooked over an open flame.

They really did save the best for last.

A big thank you to Stefan, Ralf and Andrea Heitz, and Eddie Cazes (the sweeper) for a colourful, exciting and unforgettable day on a wet and gloomy Saturday in October. </>

Story and Photography by Mark Solomon

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