Excellent Import

I HAVE KNOWN this 1999 Boxster for some years as my good friend Ian John had imported it from Florida. What first struck me was the great colour combination of Arena Red and Sand Beige, as any others I had seen before with this exterior colour had either grey or black interiors. Ian enjoyed the car for a number of years, but he had the opportunity to buy a fully loaded Boxster S, so we decided to buy this car from him to share garage space with my 1972 911T.

We have owned it since 2018 and have really enjoyed driving it top-down as much as possible in the good weather. It still has only 93,000 kilometres on the odometer and is in excellent condition mechanically and cosmetically. The headlight covers were on the car when it was imported and, I think, give the car a distinctive look. Pre-COVID we have taken the Boxster on trips around Ontario and to the Finger Lakes in New York state, so it is no garage queen. — Andy Wright

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