Derek CheungBy Derek Cheung Provinz Associate/Media Editor (from Provinz June 2016, page 11)

In early 2005, a good friend of mine attending Cornell University came back to town for a visit. He raved about this new, cool website started by a Harvard kid that connects college students with other college students, allowing them to write on each other’s “walls” and post photos. Under his insistence and promise to send me the details when he got back to his laptop at home, I had signed up for this site that looked like a cheap Friendster rip-off called Facebook.

Fast forward 11 years, we stand in a time where the advent of smartphones has made it such that no one ever needs to wait to get home to send anything, where no one would ever have to look up the term “social media” as it is now a part of society’s collective lexicon, and where Face­book is not only open to the general public to sign up for, it has turned into a household, publicly-traded company name. Unbeknownst to me, I had stood at the forefront of a huge revolution in the way we interact as interest groups, communities and even whole countries.

With that introduction, today I stand before the PCA UCR community to manage our social media presence. I aim to bring the UCR experience to you via existing and ever-evolving social media platforms, and in doing so promote the activities of the club, connect our members to Porsche-related news and buzz, and keep up engage­ment with and between our members and also the Porsche enthusiast community as a whole. While the way we reach out will continue to evolve, just as the technology around us, our motto stays constant – it’s not just the cars, it’s the people.

And that brings this conversation back to you, readers. To keep in touch, the easiest way is to sign on to your Face­book account, search for “PCA UCR”, locate the club page, and simply click on LIKE. You will then find us popping up every now and again on your newsfeed! Being an inter­active social environment, if you have any ideas or content you would like to see, feel free to drop me a message on the Facebook page or an email.

See you on the interweb!

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