Family Ties

John Stubbs’ 2003 911 Carrera 4

IT WAS 1986 and I clearly remember the day my father brought home his 944 Turbo. I recall all the details of that car, from the perforated speaker panels in the back seat, to the phone-dial wheels and rear spoiler. As a six-year-old, I paid close attention to the details as each made the 944 unique and special.  This was the genesis of my love for Porsche and I knew I would need to get one of my own.

Fast forward 30 years and the time was right. It’s important to note that I pre-negotiated this purchase with my lovely wife before we got married. It may have sounded like a joke to her at the time, but to me it was something that had been in the plans for over two decades! I was saving a modest amount of money each month in my TFSA and when it got to the right number, I would make the purchase. By that time, we were fortunate to have two beautiful children, Alex and Audrey, and they would get to experience what I did at the same age.

Although the 944 was my first love, I knew a 996 911 cabriolet would be the best fit for my lifestyle. I envisioned driving up to our cottage with the top down, enjoying the sun and wind in our faces. The 996 was the obvious choice for its value and utility. It also helped that one of my close friends bought one four years prior and I’d gotten to know it quite well.

With COVID limiting our ability to be around friends, we are enjoying every minute spending time with each other. The 996 is the vehicle that carries us towards those memories.

We are in the midst of building a new garage so we can put in a four-post lift. This will help Alex and I tackle more maintenance repairs on our Porsche, but mostly I hope one day soon my father will allow me to be the next custodian of his 944 Turbo. My plan is to pass both down to Alex and Audrey when they can enjoy them with their families. </>

Story and photos provided by John Stubbs.

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