By Kathleen Wong, UCR President (from March 2017 PROVINZ page 13)

Michael Pohlmann and Veronica Low were married last October and celebrated their first Valentine’s Day together.

Booting it around Mt. Fuji, Japan in Terrence Tong’s 964 Turbo rental car.

Coincidentally, our February Social on the second Tuesday fell on February 14th and drew UCR members to celebrate Valentine’s Day at the Musket Restaurant. First time attendees to a UCR social received Porsche Pins – Roderick and Cynthia Young, Terrence Tong and Judy Tsang.

Valentine’s day romantic news shared at this event were: Peter Oakes (Director and Past Treasurer) and Beth Oakes celebrating their 43rd anniversary in May; Michael Pohlmann (Vice-President and Past Treasurer) and Veronica Low celebrated their first Valentine’s Day, after getting married in October 2016; Terrence Tong (Treasurer) proposed to Judy Tsang in early February 2017 when he rented a 964 Turbo to take a spin around Mt Fuji in Japan!

Terrence Tong and Judy Tsang became engaged in Feb.2017

Peter and Beth Oakes will celebrate their 43rd anniversary this May. (Photos by Eshel Zweig)

We had the following lucky winners at the prize draw: Evan Chang got a Porsche Spyder t-shirt; Izabela Sachs got a Porsche crest green leather key chain; Kim Viney got a passport/cards holder from 2016 Porsche Parade at Jay Peak Vermont; Dagmar Reuhl-Pegg got a Porsche cap; Pam Bryan and Carrie Tipton got Porsche posters. Thanks go to Dagmar Reuhl-Pegg for selecting the draw prizes and Kim Viney for helping with online registration. Please join us at the Musket again for our Tuesday March 14 social when the speaker will be Henry Costa of Refined Motorsports.

Evan Chang and Emma Ding

Carrie and David Tipton

The Musket Restaurant

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