Forest Flinging

MOUNTAIN FOG CLINGS TO THE TARMAC, moistening the curves. The dropped top of the Boxster S funnels the filterless sound of that glorious flat-six into my appreciative ears. The punchy, naturally aspirated throttle, matched with the upgraded torque vectoring, makes for thrillingly aggressive cornering in one of the world’s most corner-rich terrains.

In this edition of “Chris goes on a business trip and rents a Porsche through Turo” (see previous editions on, I explored the hilly redwood forest region south of San Francisco — between San Jose and the Pacific.

After picking up the 2013 Boxster S — fitted with carbon ceramic brakes, Porsche Sports Exhaust, PDK transmission and the aforementioned torque vectoring — I headed down highway 280 and took a right onto the 35, which is where things got interesting. To say this area features miles and miles of super-curvy, relatively traffic-free roads would be true, but an understatement. You can spend all day in here and not hit the same roads twice. The biomes shift from thick redwood forest, to dry desert hills, to oceanside beaches. The elevation changes, mixed with the super-tight curve angles and an ample 50-MPH limit, truly put the capabilities of the Boxster S to the test — but it passed with flying colours.

The day featured two pit stops — one at Alice’s Restaurant, where four Porsches and a Ferrari graced the parking lot, and an end-of-day dinner at the quirky Buck’s Restaurant.

If you find yourself with a day off in the Bay Area, do yourself a favour and drive these hills. </>

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