Forks of the Credit: First Not Last

CONCEIVED IN NOVEMBER and originally planned for May as a driving tour that could be run in pandemic times, as well as only requiring a half-day commitment, the Forks of the Credit and Hockley Valley Driving Tour finally got off on the afternoon of Saturday, July 17.

The forecast was for rain, potentially clearing, which deterred some drivers, but 16 Porsches with windshield wipers showed up at Tim Hortons at Steeles in Brampton despite the mist. Due to postponements and cancellations of other tours because of the spring stay-at-home lockdown, this ended up being the first driving tour of the season and we had a good collection of Porsches, from three 944s with the owners debating which was the oldest, to a 1988 911 Targa, along with newer 911s, Boxsters, Caymans and a Macan. We all shared a desire to get out for a spirited drive and a return to normalcy.

After the requisite waiver paperwork, and a route and safety briefing, we headed out in a light mist up Winston Churchill Boulevard, through Norval and then Terra Cotta, before a brief stint on Hurontario, and then arriving at Forks of the Credit. One advantage of the weather was less traffic and very fewer bicycles to share the road with, making the drive more enjoyable. Then we worked our way up to a pit stop in Orangeville to refresh ourselves. By this time the sun was out and everyone was raving about the quality of roads so far. After the break, we headed out along Hockley Road, a nice road full of sweepers and, on this day, not much traffic.  At a school yard we stopped for pictures while doing a U-turn to enjoy Hockley Road before heading south along a collection of country roads, ending up in Bolton.

At the end of the run we had a draw for merchandise with the new UCR logo from the Goodie Store. The modest participation fee for the event went towards the contribution of these items. Congratulations to Ted Youngs, Ken Wong, Thomas Hui and Kevin Sharpe who won caps, Eugene Nicolcev who won a polo shirt, and Noel George who won a hoodie.

Feedback from the participants was positive, with this being the first driving tour of the season, but certainly not the last, for many club members. </>

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