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Avatarandy wright

The Track Team has discussed this matter and we see no reason to deviate from the current Driver-Ed Fire Extinguisher requirements.

So each vehicle participating in a UCR DE Event must be fitted with a Fire Extinguisher (minimum 2.5lbs Dry Chemical or equivalent) properly installed, metal to metal. This means a metal bracket and retaining strap bolted or screwed firmly to a metal panel in your Porsche. NO PLASTIC MOUNTING BRACKETS !! If you don’t want to drill holes buy a custom mounting plate that bolts to the front mounting points of your passenger seat. The Fire Extinguisher must be within easy reach of the driver.

There will be no exceptions, even for Porsche Factory OE installed Fire Extinguishers. One aspect that we are particularly concerned about with regard to the factory extinguisher is that the majority appear to be installed on the drivers seat mounting. If the fire bottle ever did break loose it could easily get jammed under the pedals. For this reason alone, we will require these factory Fire Extinguishers (but not the mounting or bracket) to be removed from the vehicle while the vehicle is on-track.

I hope this has clarified matters, but don’t hesitate to ask further questions if it hasn’t.