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Wild Weasel

Ah!! Excellent! From the Snell website it kinda seems like SA might be a bit overkill and a less useful option in some cases anyway. I’m not devaluing the importance of my noggin here… but I’m not gonna be driving a caged racecar with support for HANS stuff, so that’s out the window, and I’m just as happy having a wider field of vision and having my helmet legal for use on a motorcycle as well if I ever find the need.

Will anyone here make the argument that I should really go for the SA standard because my grey matter is valuable enough to warrant it and there are circumstances I may find myself in during a DE in my convertible that it makes a difference for?

I’m not talking about getting a cheap vs. expensive helmet. Just SA vs. M.

This, from the website:

What are the differences between the SA, M and K standards?

The SA standard was designed for competitive auto racing while the M standard was for motorcycling and other motorsports. The K standard was released to accommodate helmets used in karting. There are three major differences between them:

The SA standard requires flammability test while the M and K standards do not.
The SA and K standards allow for a narrower visual field than the M standard (Some SA and K certified helmets may not be street legal).
The SA and K standards include a rollbar multi-impact test while the M standard does not.

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