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Andy Wright

Regarding using non-listed garages for Tech Inspections, you should contact Paul Neto, our Tech Chief and ask him to see if your local shop can be added.
Provided they are experienced with Porsche’s and have licensed mechanics and the facilities to carry out a Technical Inspection, then there is no real reason that they could not be added to the list, but it is at Paul’s discretion.

Regarding the SA vs. M Helmet discussion, provided you have no intention of participating in any racing events, where SA helmets are usually mandated, then either specification is fine. Be aware that there may be other PCA Regions that do require an SA Rated helmet for DE. As already stated, the only big differences are that the M helmet is not rated for multiple impacts (never really understood this, but if – when? – you come off your motorbike, make sure your head only hits the pavement once) and the SA helmet has a fire resistant lining. Your hair may be on fire, but be assured that your helmet is not !!

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