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Gotta agree with yuh Weasel, it was a blast, even for an aging kid like myself (I was the black C4S Cab parked beside you on Saturday … # 664). I thought I was really stepping it up until you and your friend in the Bimmer kept blowing by me and shattering my ego (oh forgot, we are not supposed to take our egos to the track!!!). I did the IDS on Friday and gained a whole lot of respect for the capabilities of Porsche cars. Saturday and Sunday opened my eyes to the intricacies of handling a high performance car on a technically demanding track and learning and then trying to hold “the line” while at the same time trying to push the car to it’s limits (well, my limits at least). Nothing short of “totally exhilarating” and yes, addictive!
Besides adding my koodos to all the organizers and volunteers involved in the past three days I would like to express particular appreciation to Mike Sylvester for his great instruction throughout the weekend. The ride in the shot-gun seat of his GT3 with the yellow group late Saturday was an amazing chance to see how it can/should be done. I came away from the weekend exhausted but with a big grin on my face!
Waitlisted for Sept DE, so we’ll see if I get an opportunity to run the big track this year.