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John Adam

I agree totally. And I have my own story.

At the September DE event, late Sunday afternoon, Jack Webb was working in Tower. On his way to his last run on track, he observed that our 997 had a flat tire. We got a quick message to Brad at Braidan “Don’t abandon us, please!” We have no spare tire.

Brad had one job on the go in his shop. He came and checked our tire to see if it would hold air but the bead had broken away from the rim. Can it be fixed? What if it can’t?

My two Tower co-workers Jack Webb and Greg Sachs agreed to stay on site until a repair was made or they would take us home (one in each car) or . . .

At 5:00 pm, Greg and Jack helped to shut down Tower operations and put away the equipment. Then, we all awaited the word from Brad, who was traversing the property in his golf cart. He left his son Aden (sp?) with us as hostage. Eventually, Brad returned with the problem tire fixed. No charge. Jack and Greg could now proceed on their way home.

But wait. There is more.

As we drove along county roads to avoid cottage traffic on 401, who pops up in our mirror but Greg. He followed us to make sure that all was well. All the way to Westney and 401, where we joined the cottagers heading home.

It’s not just the cars, it’s the people.