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andy wright

You will see a few non-Porsche cars at DE events, but these are mostly in the Red (Instructor) Run Group. If for some reason an Instructor cannot bring their Porsche to a DE event, we allow alternate vehicles, since we really need the Instructor participation to make the events work. In very special instances it has been allowed in other solo groups, but this is only on a temporary basis and for exceptional reasons.
There is solid reasoning behind this rule. First and foremost, we are a Porsche Club and invariably we can fill all our DE events with Porsche vehicles. Other regions may have to allow other marques into their events to make up the numbers and ensure financial viability. Second, our Instructors know Porsches best and while the skills we teach are mostly applicable to any vehicle, there are nuances in driving a Porsche that are exclusive to the marque. We can also be confident that a properly maintained Porsche can withstand the demands of Track use without concern. That’s what they are built for. That can’t be said of all so called performance cars.