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Andy Wright

Our DE events are very well subscribed in all run groups, so registering early in January for the next season is definitely a good idea, especially if you are in an instructed group (Green or Yellow). The limitation in the instructed groups is not usually a lack of instructors – although some are notoriously late registering – so much as the PCA restriction on the number of cars per mile of track that we are allowed to have. I forget the actual numbers, but this is done for safety reasons and limits the numbers in Green & Yellow..

If you are on the wait-list, don’t give up hope, as many times people don’t cancel until the last minute. Cars break, schedules change and some rely on the long-term weather forecast before committing. I do like the idea of providing a wait-list ranking so that people have some idea of their likelihood of getting into an event. I will broach this with the Track Team to see if this could be done, or if there is some reason why we cannot do this.

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