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Dave Osborne

Hi Brian,

I wanted you to know that I thoroughly enjoyed driving at Calabogie. It’s a pleasant drive from Kingston on picturesque winding roads and a great facility. Unfortunately, as pointed out by Wayne and Andy, UCR is a GTA centred club. We were never able to gather enough participants to pay for it. The GTA centre may be further highlighted when the 407 extension is complete, as more people will drive home at night.

Even Rennsport is having a hard time getting enough people to go there as a club. That’s partially due to the open lapping events that the track has. People from the Ottawa valley can drive there after work and do some lapping rather than go to an organized weekend event.

The other issue for us, is if we give up a track date at Mosport to go somewhere else one season, we might never get it back. CTMP is booked daily and the weekend dates are fought over every season. The good news is that, as a highly trained UCR Advanced Driver, you’re welcome at any PCA event anywhere. So don’t hesitate to attend other Region’s events at different facilities.

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