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Larry Funnell

Thanks for the feedback guys. My turn ins were getting pretty consistent, it was the amount of speed that I carried into the corners that seemed to vary. With the exception of 2, where I slowed down the entry in the last two sessions, I am probably braking too soon or too hard in general, but can get fooled a bit with the speed. I did end up working my braking point for 1 further down the road, and 2 earlier, but did not establish a good reference for 2. Four seemed to be my achiles heel for braking, especially with passing (either way) going on which could distract me while I was ensuring the cars had cleared. For turn 8 I am guilty of Tim’s morning complaint and am braking too hard (but still out of the ABS) for it, loosing too much speed. Out of 8 before 9 it took some time to get the braking point nailed down, which I finally did, but now am too heavy on the brakes.

Braking and addressing increasing speed was one of the feedback items from my instructor. Being a bit anal, I have made some notes about my braking, turn in and acceleration points, along with strengths and weaknesses so I can review it before my next session – hopefully October if I get off the wait-list. The review had prompted the above questions.

Years ago I did a motorcycle day with FAST, and towards the end of the day missed a braking point. I got on the brakes the hardest I had up till then, and was figuring I could either slow it down and run straight off the track or get it slow enough to turn – I made the turn.

Thanks to Bob (and my instructor) for recommending a follow up session sooner rather than later (next year).

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