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William McMaster

I got to know Clive recently through my wife Linda who belonged to a book club in Toronto with Eunice, Clive’s wife. We happened to have a property near the one they moved to in Grey County and visited each other frequently. Clive and Eunice were a gracious, lovely couple and Clive was always proud to show off his latest 911 “project”. Clive played a major role in UCR many years ago as President and DE Director as mentioned. I was around back then and certainly aware of his positive influence.

Linda and I had the good fortune to accompany Clive and Eunice on the Fallingwater driving tour last May which we thoroughly enjoyed. They had gone on several different tours over the years and were somewhat active in UCR even still. Clive was enjoying retirement despite some knee issues and we were looking forward to continuing our friendship. His passing was a great shock and we will miss him.

As of now there hasn’t been a notice of a memorial service. It would be fitting is a strong PCA-UCR contingent could attend.

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