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Mike Bryan

I hadn’t known Clive until I met him at a Monthly Social in 2013 when he showed interest in taking on the role of Provinz Advertising Sales. I learned that Clive was a long-standing UCR member, but it is a testament to his modesty that he never mentioned he’d been President, Track Chair and maybe more in the past.

But now there he was, taking on a new role years after he had already served the club more than most. He quietly got on with the job and helped strengthen Provinz’s finances as he brought in advertisers… and got them to pay their bills.

I’ll remember Clive as a true gentleman and gentle man, as well as a committed Porsche and UCR enthusiast, representing all that’s good about our club and its volunteers. I’m sad that he’s no longer with us and feel sympathy for his family and Eunice in particular.
Mike Bryan